About ITService

About Us

The Computer Center is in charge of the planning, development of on-campus IT systems, and the implementation and maintenance of websites in Tunghai. We strive to provide efficient IT support and the most user friendly IT environment to all users whether for research, in class usage or for administrative use.


Information Service

We provide online information services such as information science online learning resources and, our online information services could be accessed and enjoyed by users all over our beautiful campus.

Technical Support

Are you afraid of or are you unfamiliar with IT products or services? Don’t worry, you are in good hands. We provide clear and efficient technical support to all your IT related needs. Our technical support services could be reached by calling or visiting our information desk, or by visiting and reading our FAQ sites and by reading various user guides, handbooks and announcements that we’ve put together.


Extension Number 30218 . Tel. 04-23590135 . Fax 23596557
Mail Box 808 . E-mail cc@thu.edu.tw

Department Job Title Name Tel. E-mail
Computer Center Director Chung-Chi Lin 30237 cclin@thu.edu.tw
Computer Center LIN, HSIU-HSIA 30237 lss@thu.edu.tw
System Development Leader Tom 30235 tom@thu.edu.tw
System Development Anita 30229 hsiuying@thu.edu.tw
System Development Amy 30231 amycheng@thu.edu.tw
System Development Sharon 30212 sharontsai@thu.edu.tw
System Development Demo 30216 demochang@thu.edu.tw
System Development Allpower 30234 allpower@thu.edu.tw
System Development Mosi 30214 mosi@thu.edu.tw
System Development LIN, HUNG-MING 30228 wcjs90050@thu.edu.tw
System Development Roxy 30217 roxylo@thu.edu.tw
System Development Ivy 30222 ivy@thu.edu.tw
System Development HSU, CHIA-JEN 30227 harcobie@thu.edu.tw
Network Technology Leader Randall 30223 randall@thu.edu.tw
Network Technology KaLa 30238 kala@thu.edu.tw
Network Technology Vivian 30224 vivian@thu.edu.tw
Network Technology Erick 30232 erick@thu.edu.tw
Network Technology Ray 30236 raylei@thu.edu.tw
Network Technology Joy 30221 joy@thu.edu.tw
Teaching Support Leader Phyllis 30241 phyllis@thu.edu.tw
Teaching Support Dennis 30239 wudennis@thu.edu.tw
Teaching Support Loren 30219 loren@thu.edu.tw
Teaching Support Charles 30215 charles@thu.edu.tw
Teaching Support Susan 30211 susanlee@thu.edu.tw
Teaching Support Cheryl 30233 yjc@thu.edu.tw