Alumni Information Service

E-mail Accounts for Alumni

A new generation of alumni e-mail system was built by the Placement and Alumni Office and the Computer Center. The new alumni e-mail system was launched on June 4th, 2008. The new system not only provides a faster and more secured system, but it also comes with more easy-to-use functions such as spam prevention, filtering, automatic reply and back up services.

Campus Wireless Broadband Network

Once the alumnus has obtained his/her alumni e-mail account, he/she can use their alumni account to gain instant access to the campus wireless broadband network service. By logging in with their account, alumni could log online all over the campus. Hence, alumni could enjoy the comfort of having wireless network either on the campus lawn, in Dante Cafe or other scenic spots on campus.

Visitor Information Service

Campus Wireless Broadband Network

The Computer Center has set up wireless hot spots all over the campus. So, when special guests are staying temporarily on campus, they would be able to gain access to the wireless connection on campus securely. To obtain access, guests could request for a short-term wireless access account and once logged in, they could enjoy the access to our campus wireless network during their stay in Tunghai.

Short-term Wireless Access Accounts for Visitors

Visitors could use any of the following accounts to gain access to the wireless network on campus. Following are the procedures for requesting accounts.

Inter-university connection: guests that already own accounts, could request to log into the Tunghai wireless connection website with their current accounts.
Short-term wireless access accounts for guests: if the visiting guest does not own a account, the department or office that has invited the guest could apply for a temporary account 3 days prior to the guest’s arrival. The department could help process the request and obtain the account for the guest.